Doom 3 patch

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  • 2005. május 25.
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Az id Software ma este netre dobta a Doom 3 legújabb, 1.3-as verziószámra hallgató javítócsomagját. A folt 30 megát nyom, de azért van benne jóság dögivel! ;)

Az id Software ma este netre dobta a Doom 3 legújabb, 1.3-as verziószámra hallgató javítócsomagját. A folt 30 megát nyom, de azért van benne jóság dögivel! ;)

A javítások teljes listáját a kommentek között találhatjátok!


- It is recommended that any user modifications that have been installed to the Doom3 directory be removed before installing this update. These modifications are not supported by Activision and may not be compatible with some of the new features that are included.


- Using this update will reset your progress in whatever map you are currently saved in. When loading a saved game, the player starts at the begining of that map with their inventory intact.

- Using this update will reset the Nightmare skill setting. If you are playing in Nightmare mode before applying the 1.3 update, you will need to re-enable it in the console (g_nightmare 1). After enabling it in the console, the game must be relaunched in order for nightmare mode to show up as a selectable option.


- Also included in the 1.3 update is a Win32 dedicated server executable. This allows servers to be run under Win32 without a CD Check. You can launch this with command line options or configure it through the console once launched. Just launch "Doom3Ded.exe".

Fixes & Updates in 1.3:

- PunkBuster(TM) support has been added.

- EAX(R) ADVANCED HD(TM) support in the sound engine contributed by Creative Labs(R). Doom 3 base game comes with room reverb data.

- To utilize EAX(R) ADVANCED HD(TM) in Doom 3, you must have 100% EAX 4.0 compatible sound card. Please refer to your sound card manufacturer for details on whether or not your sound card supports EAX 4.0.

- Sound Blaster(R) Audigy(R) 2 users who wish to utilize the new EAX 4.0 feature in Doom 3 should download the latest Creative Beta Drivers for the card released on April 5th, 2005. Not using these drivers may result in game instability while using EAX 4.0.

- Server provides .pk4 file download URLs (http/ftp), client has internal download.

- New class of .pk4 files: 'addon paks' are only referenced when the map is loaded in.

- .pk4 downloads and addon paks come with a number of fixes to the 'pure server mode' filesystem code.

- Fixed ragdoll bounciness.

- Fixed how Doom 3 detects LAN client vs. Internet clients.

- LZW compression of render demos.

- Fixed command line parameter passing.

- Added a QuakeIII-style graph of the connection quality for network clients

defaults off, enable with net_clientLagOMeter 1

displays a graph of how much the client predicts ahead of the server

note that you can change the minimum predict ahead of a client by setting net_clientPrediction

Changes relevant to mod developers (SDK):

- Added UploadImage to idRenderSystem interface. This lets the user blit images to the renderer.

- Supports fs_game_base; this lets you base a mod off base game + d3xp + your own content.

- Most of the download redirection is handled in the game code, and can be extended.

Linux specific:

- ALSA device opened non-blocking to avoid hangs.

Fixes & Updates in 1.2:

- Engine changes to support DOOM 3(TM): Resurrection of Evil(TM) features ( time groups is the main difference )

- Mod support fixes ( also for DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil support )

- Online cd key check during startup ( with DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil key support if DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil is installed, whatever the current mod )

- Fix net_clientServerTimeout when server crashes / disappears

- Cut down on projectile net traffic ( both base/ and DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil/ code )

- Lots of compatible internal savegame code changes from OS X(TM) and Linux(TM) in order to do things in a portable way

- Networking fixes to hitscan projectiles

- Fix a bug in the usercmd transmission

- Fix client drops when server in pure mode changes maps too fast for clients

- Reworked the synchronization of firing animations over the network
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